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Hi, I jave donwloaded and installed today jigdo 0.6.3 for windows and 
jigdp-lite2win. I am using Win98. 

I have tried to download potato but I keep getting the (in)
famous "Aaargh - not all files could be downloaded. This should not 
happen! Depending on the problem, it may help to restart the download."

I have tried with +10 servers in different countries, both with FTP and 

I have noticed some files giver "File not found" errors while others 
are downloaded over and over (eg: policy.pdf.gz).

83 files are still missing.

I would go with rsync but I don't have a unix bos available (yet!) so 
rsync won't help me.

Can I rename "debian-22rev5-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso.tmp" to "debian-
22rev5-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso" and burn the cd? Would that work? I 
could use rsync once potato is up and running...

Thanks for your help.

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