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Re: frame-buffer on vanilla?

#include <hallo.h>
Herbert Xu wrote on Sat Apr 06, 2002 um 08:53:49PM:

> > Enabling VGA16 as a module will be done in the next release.
> Actually it won't be since vga16 is only modularised in 2.4.

Okay, let's make a summary (+ is pro, - is contra):

 - vanilla (2.2.20)
   + known as stable
   - no framebuffer, so no lang chooser 
     (adding requires changes in kernel and evtl. in bfs)
   - no support for modern hardware (harddisks controllers, network cards)
   - no support for modern filesystems
 - bf2.4
   + framebuffer, lang-chosser possible
   +/- relatively stable, probably less stable as 2.2.x if you use new features
 - compact
   + framebuffer, lang-chosser possible
   + (see vanilla)
   -- (see vanilla)
   - too few drivers for a default install, not even sound cards
 - idepci (2.2.20)
   ++--- (see compact)
   - almost limited to IDE and PCI stuff, but more stable on such
     machines. Best/Only useable as fallback option for seldom broken
     hardware, IMHO.

Change to bf2.4 on the first CD requires a swap of few bytes in
debian-cd, which needs a new release anyhow.

These are not real arguments, but a simple calculation. Not using bf2.4
on the first CD (*) is a shame.

(*) I do not say default. "Default" implies "the best working choice"
for most people, which is not true if you have (in useability) equal

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