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Re: debian-cd single cd creation: Tasksel question


	Lots of questions ahead:

Em Qui 21 Mar 2002 01:38, Philip Charles escreveu:
| On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Pablo Lorenzzoni wrote:
| > Hello ALL!
| >
| > 	I'm in the process of creating a single Debian CD for an event
| > we'll have soon in Brazil. Since it'll be a single CD, I've
| > stuffed it just with useful packages (I mean useful for us). This
| > means that no Chinese, or Cyrilic packages were included (since
| > this is not useful for portuguese-speakers).
| > 	My question is: What will happen with tasksel during the
| > installation process? Will it still show, for example, task
| > Chinese? If yes, how the absence of chinese packages will be
| > treated? Should I compile a custom version of tasksel for
| > including in the CD?
| Chinese etc will be displayed.  There will be a broken installation
| of the tasks if an attempt is made to install them.
| IMO, the easiest way remove unwanted tasks for a special CD would
| be to build the file tree for the CD and remove the unwanted tasks
| from the Task: field in the Packages (and Packages.gz) files.  Then
| build the iso image.

	What this will cause? The task will still show up in Tasksel, won't 
it? And if the user select that task.... what happens? Does I have to 
recompile tasksel?
	How to do this? I am doing:
(1) make distclean
(2) make status
(3) make bin-list SIZELIMIT=610000000 TASK=tasks/custom 
(4) make bootable
(5) make bin-image
	Where does I have to edit Packages?
	Can I solve this with indices/override.woody.main ?


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