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Re: Those task packages

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Anthony Towns wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 05:16:43PM +1200, Philip Charles wrote:
> > IMHO we need to come up with something for woody.
> No, we don't.
> Make the stuff that you can work, and document the stuff that doesn't
> work well. "The following tasks will only be complete if you have CD#X
> available or have http apt sources available" is entirely
> acceptable. Making up new features for tasksel isn't.
> If you'd thought of this about six months ago, it would've been fine. You
> didn't, so the CDs are going to be worse than we might like. Too
> bad. We'll know better for next time.
> Your goal right now is to get some CDs that allow you to do installs.
> Document what can go wrong and how to avoid it going wrong, but beyond
> that, nothing's necessary.

Understand why.  I will see what I can do.


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