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Re: suggestions for jigdo-lite

On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 03:05:34PM -0800, Paul E Condon,,, wrote:
> 1. rearrange the output so that the user can scroll back
> through what has already been done and review what he has already
> instructed jigdo to do, i.e. don't overwrite user input, ever.

Hm, are you using my jigdo-lite or Anne Bezemer's version (from
cdimage/~costar)? My version is much simpler and not screen-oriented,
so it doesn't overwrite any old screen content.

What does happen, though, is that a lot of text is output as time goes
by, so if you do not configure your terminal to buffer several
thousand lines of output, old text will eventually disappear.

> 2. put carriage return (not new lines characters) at end of pacifier
> lines (the lines that begin with a kilobyte count and end with [ xx%] )
> The movement of the cursor over a single line as it is updated
> would give a adequate indication of short term progress.

That's difficult to achieve because the output

  0K .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... 26% @ 980.39 KB/s

is created by wget, not by jigdo-lite. For the next release, I'll pass
the --dot-style=mega switch to wget, which will reduce the amount of
dots that are output.

Hm, I just noticed I could do 
  wget ... 2>&1 | tr '\n' '\r'
but then any wget error messages would never be visible on screen,
which is not desirable.

> 3. compute and display some crude estimate of overall progress.
> Precision is not necessary, but it would be nice to know how many
> packages are yet to be downloaded, and how many have already been
> downloaded (not counting the ones that were OK on the local startup
> image)

There actually *is* a (admittedly /very/) crude progress report: At
regular intervals, jigdo-file is invoked by the script and prints
something like:

  Found 10 of the 1423 files required by the template

The second number decreases as time goes by - when it reaches 0, the
download is finished.

Thanks for your feedback!



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