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suggestions for jigdo-lite

I'm using jigdo-lite right now as I type this. I have some
suggestions concerning the user interface of jigdo-lite.

1. rearrange the output so that the user can scroll back
through what has already been done and review what he has already
instructed jigdo to do, i.e. don't overwrite user input, ever.

2. put carriage return (not new lines characters) at end of pacifier lines (the lines that begin with a kilobyte count and end with [ xx%] )
The movement of the cursor over a single line as it is updated
would give a adequate indication of short term progress.

3. compute and display some crude estimate of overall progress. Precision is not necessary, but it would be nice to know how many
packages are yet to be downloaded, and how many have already been
downloaded (not counting the ones that were OK on the local startup

Jigdo-lite is great. I use it at the end of a 56k ppp connection.
It is a life saver!
Paul E Condon

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