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New CD cover artwork 'ShadeCase 4'

Hi everybody,

After many, many downloads of my cd artwork the last two years, I've
decided to do a new version of the CD cover. 
visit artnet through http://www.debian.org/CD/artwork/
or directly from http://www.buus.net/mads/cdart/

The covers are available as editable xcf's, so you can change the text.

Changes in v.4:

* Light drop-shadow (separate layer, so can be turned off)
* Debian diamond over the 'i'
* the text 'GNU/Linux'  added below debian text
* revision number inluded on both front and back cover.
* slightly smaller 'swirl'
* minor rearrangements. 

The large gif's should fit a jewel case if printer set to 300dpi.

Hope U enjoy.

Mads Buus Jensen

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