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Re: Woody Jigdo-files

* Attila Nagy (bra@fsn.hu) wrote:
> Hello,
> [ About the lists from the popularity test ]
> > Yeah, looks like it is from April 25 last year. What happends to
> > packages added to woody after that date?
> They are simply going to the n th CD.
> You can ask to fresh this file on debian-cd@lists.debian.org I guess...

Paragraph above says it all. But how much have things changed?

I made a script to produce a list, see here:

As I understood it, packages not included in the list in cvs, but are
new in Woody since April, will be put on the last CD. Take for example
logtail, not in the list from cvs. But it is on the first (ftp.fsn.hu)
Woody CD...

Karl-Martin Skontorp

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