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Mixing distributions


I would like some information on how to use APT to do this for me. I'm not
sure I'm posting to the right list, if I'm not, please tell me to which list
should I post.

I would like to maintain a distribution with mixed .debs, some from Debian
stable, some from Debian testing, and some compiled by myself. I have this
need because, although I want the system the more simple as possible in the
base packages (init, bash, vim, gzip, tar, ...), I need to use some very
recent features of some applications, like web servers and database servers
(apache, php, mysql, postfix, ...). I also need to have some packages with
custom patches, and some proprietary software must run on my box (like
Novell's e-Directory, for example), so I would rather like to package these

Is there a way to install such a system with APT?

If I can install it with APT, can I manage it with APT, so that when I ask
APT to upgrade my system it will search for the security updates in the
stable distribution for my base packages, it will look for new versions of
my Internet servers in the testing distribution, and it will look for
updates for my custom packages in a local directory?

If that's not possible, is there a (easy) way to mirror the trees of Debian
stable, Debian testing, and some local .debs, so that the packages in the
destination tree are taken from the corresponding distribution as wanted,
depending on the rules above? How could I manage packages that are replaced
by others or split in several others? Can this be done completely
automatically, or will there be the need of someone inspecting the new
packages to decide if it should be included or not in some circunstances? Is
there a reason not to do that?

Thanks in advance!


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