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Re: Problems compiling jigdo 0.6.1 on Mandrake Cooker

So sprach »Richard Atterer« am 2002-01-20 um 22:22:38 +0100 :
> Thanks for the fix. I already fixed this in my working copy of the
> code a while ago, but didn't get around to releasing a new version. 
> :-/

Good to hear!

> This will also be resolved with the next release.


> That would be great! Do you also plan to update it whenever new
> versions of jigdo become available?

Yes, I do.  But a short notice when a new version is released wouldn't
be all that bad ;)

I cannot build an official Mandrake Contrib RPM right now, but you can get the
files from http://rpm.digitalprojects.com/.  As soon as the contrib
build server is up again, jigdo will be part of Mandrake Contrib.

Alexander Skwar
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