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woody cd install problem : "trans.tbl was not preloaded"

Hi all,

i've got real problem in installing the woody debian :
on an IBM ThinkPad T23 (2647 BJG but u don't care)

I had a solution :
booting from floppy the "idepci" flavor but when trying to install the "Base
dbootstrap prompts me for a "basedebs.tgz" file (!). I was unable to find it
on any woody CD1 image that I made.
In trying to use the "base2_2.tgz" file (comming from the potatoo version
and renaming it to "basedebs.tgz") I also got an error asking me for a .. [o
god , i can't remeber the name of this file.. um ....  ] o yes, the install
prog was replying an error message :
"trans.tbl was not preloaded" .... anyidea of the way I could get out of all
of that ?

Fanku very in advance. CU

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