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Update CD


Can you guys work out a way to create an update CD image against
${debrelease}r0 that would need to be updated every time a new
revision is released with new security updates.

These images (one for every stable architecture) will contain all
packages that were updated after ${debrelease}r0 was released.
Everybody who wants to burn Debian CD's will only have to update this
n+1st CD after a new revision in order to be able to make up-to-date
installations.  The same applies to vendors, they could add a gold
update CD to the silver CD set.

This could potentially lower the stress some overzealous customers
generated for silver CD distributors.

Do you want me to file a bug report so it doesn't get forgotton?



Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct,
not tried it.  -- Donald E. Knuth

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