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Re: Where are the images for alpha?

Excuse me, the explanation within my question was to short. I tried to get the woody images (testing) running. This is the first time I will use debian. So I did follow the installation manual. But the description within the manuell are not fully understandable to the fact, that the source of the basic system is not written down. Otherwise, other user did install the system. But how?

I have another thread open within the mailing list for debian on alpha to the same topic. I will at first follow that one. If I have no access I will come back.

Thanks for all so far

Goswin Brederlow wrote:

Harald Simon <harald.simon@luebeck.netsurf.de> writes:


I was searching now for two days to find the alpha images or
packages. But without success.

I need at least the base package due to install a new machine.



Read the files in the doc dir there to see whats special about your
flavour and what you need and dont.

Yu can also try out testing (instead of stable) but don't blame it if
it doesn't quite work (but tell us).


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