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Multiple Boot images on woody CD#1

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Hi all,

Debian-cd now has the ability to put 5 boot images on 
the first woody-i386 CD/ROM.  Currently this capability can be
used by setting a variable named Multiboot in debian-cd. 
(see changelog).

With a i386-woody CD#1, and a newer BIOS in your 
computer, the CD will boot, and present you with a menu
of what 'flavor' of kernel image you wish to boot with.  On
an older BIOS, CD#1 will simply boot the 'default' kernel.

The kernels on a multiboot woody CD#1 are:
  1. default kernel
  2. compact kernel
  3. idepci kernel
  4. udma100-ext3 kernel
  5. reiserfs kernel

I would like to make this the default behavior of debian-cd,
but we really need to have more people test this before
that change can be made.

If you have positive or negative experience when using
a woody-i386 image that was created with multiboot, please
let me or the list know.


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