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Re: 2.2r4: is binary-sparc-1_NONUS.iso really an ISO image?

>i ran my rsync against cdimage after initially creating these images
>using the PIK.  they matched the md5sums at the time.. i'll check

Ok, I wasn't game to wait until I had enough quota to fetch 700 MB
again, so armed with dir -RL output (for the file sizes) from various
directories on the ftp site and Perl I manually extracted most of the
files from the image I had.

Then I made the pseudo-image and rsynced it against a non-AU site (.fi).
Cost me about 13MB.

You can see I'm a masochist.

Hah, the md5sums match and isoinfo -l prints the right output. I WIN.
Now to commit to CD before anything is lost.

It's really bizarre, the image at planetmirror and aarnet looked as if
somebody had done cat `cat binary-sparc-1_NONUS.list` > binary-sparc-1_NONUS.iso

Anyway I'll leave it to you sleuths to figure out what went awry. I have
to say the pseudo-image process is very clever, but...

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