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jigdo 0.6.1 - please test!


I have just uploaded a minor update to jigdo.
TESTERS NEEDED - please try it out if you need to fetch a CD image!

- The jigdo-lite script handles "file:" URIs as Debian mirror URIs. 
- jigdo-lite saves and restores settings in ~/.jigdo-lite
- jigdo-file progress report honors the current tty screen width and
  never prints lines wider than the screen.
- More small jigdo-lite fixes (backspace works, template download
  postponed, now creates a .list file for Wookey;-)

A while ago, I also regenerated the jigdo files for 2.2r4 and 2.2r4.1
without announcing it here, so hopefully getting/updating images via
jigdo now really works. (It did work just a few hours ago when I
tested it, so the chances are good! ;)

jigdo source and i386 debs can be found at:
    deb http://home.in.tum.de/atterer/debian unstable jigdo

jigdo and template files for 2.2r4(.1):

BTW, this week, it's been exactly one year that I started to work on
this program!

All the best,


  __   _
  |_) /|  Richard Atterer     |  CS student at the Technische  |  GnuPG key:
  | \/¯|  http://atterer.net  |  Universität München, Germany  |  0x888354F7
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