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RE: CD Images

On Sat 15 Dec, Stephen Becker wrote:
> Okay, I got some strange message back saying that you could not receive
> messages in HTML format.  I am resending this as plain text. 

thanx for taking the trouble. In fact your original message did make it. The
message should have said 'your message has been delivered but we don't like
HTML mail, please sent plain text next time'. Is it wrong?

> I don't
> know why that restriction is there.  It is not possible for HTML to
> contain a virus.  Maybe you guys have had a problem with stupid people
> clicking on links within HTML messages and downloading EXEs.

No. We just think that sending every mail message twice (once in text and
once in HTML) is a complete waste of network bandwidth, providing no useful
improvements, and do our best to discourage it.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stephen Becker 
> Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2001 11:39 AM
> To: 'debian-cd@lists.debian.org'
> Subject: CD Images
> You guys make this way too hard.  I don't like Red Hat, but I can see
> now why people use it.  They have a quick link to download the ISO
> files.  You guys make people read through pages of info to find berried
> in the middle of a text file somewhere the command to use that
> Pseudo-Image thingy that most of us have never used before.  I know you
> are trying to save bandwidth but I think this makes it too difficult.

Yes. You are not the first person to point out that this approach is no
longer acceptable to many users. It made sense when it was created 5 years
ago to keep bandwidth down, but it's now no longer really necessary and
certainly causes a lot of aggravation.

You will be pleased to hear that we are in the process of fixing it and a new
site should go live soon. Take a look at the prototype:
<http://cdimage.debian.org/~atterer/> and tell us what you think of it as a

> The method of installing from the internet sounds neat, but not all of
> us have MS-DOS installed on our computer, intact now that a version of
> NT is out for home use the amount of people that do will slow fall to
> nothing.  I didn't really want to create a FAT partition and use a DOS
> boot disk just to run that install.bat file.

The network install (on a PC) doesn't need DOS. Where did you get that idea?

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