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Re: [oferk@oren.co.il: debian]

On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 10:49:49PM -0500, James A. Treacy wrote:
> When we first started distributing the iso images, we had a problem
> with people downloading them when that is not what they wanted. 
> Thus, the wording above. Also, since bandwidth is donated, we need
> to be careful that we don't exceed the good will of our sponsors.

Hm, but OTOH currently we're just wasting our sponsors' HD space,
because the official ISO mirror list is *REALLY* hard to find. (Just
try and see if you can find it!)

The *links* should be easy to find. CD mirror admins can always set up
bandwidth throttling if their mirror becomes overloaded...

> With the new (well it's existed for a few years now) set of pages on
> cdimage.d.o that preface the download page maybe the first item
> isn't a concern. The issue of bandwidth should be looked into,
> though, before we make the links more obvious.

But IMNSHO obscuring the links is really the wrong approach! 
Information on a web site should not try to "guide" a visitor because
we "know better" than him; everything should be described so that the
*visitor* can decide what to do and get to the desired information
with the minimum number of clicks. Any "you want to do this and this,
believe me" will annoy a great many visitors.


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