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Re: PowerPC Install CDs / Installing on a Powerbook G4

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, peter woodman wrote:

> i'm not subscribed to this list, so i have no clue whether i'm
> touching on something that's been discussed to great annoyance
> already, but does anyone know what the problem is with the powerpc
> install cds?  i know they're just broke, but why exactly is that?
> second point: i've got myself a powerbook g4, and i'd really like to
> get debian on this thing.. problem is is tha tthere's no disk drive
> for me to boot off of, rev3 install cds don't work with the powerbook g4, and
> rev4 cds don't work at all.. any suggestions on how to get debian on
> it?
> please include me in all replies, thanks

hi peter,

first of all, are you using the original 2.2_rev4 powerpc install cds or
have you downloaded the new 2.2_rev4.1 ones ?  there was a problem with
2.2.r4/ppc which i believe was addressed by a new release.



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