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Re: Redesign of cdimage website

On Fri, Nov 16, 2001 at 10:02:25AM +1000, jason andrade wrote:
> o there are images for both unstable and testing, but only for i386
>   that i know about. there's someone out there doing images for all
>   the architectures, but i don't have the disk space.

With jigdo, you don't need the disc space. You can do:

  mkhybrid [options...] | jigdo-file [options...]

and jigdo-file will spit out .jigdo and .template files which taken
together do not take up more than a few MB!

>   i know we carry iso images for unstable and testing, generated by
>   Atilla Nagy from fsn.hu
> o i assume a number of those links are going to point at verious
>   different mirror lists - are they going to be maintained at
>   cdimage, or use existing ones ?

My current plan is to have at least one page behind most of the links,
which explain(s) things in more detail.

It would be nice to provide the mirror links, e.g. of Atilla's images,
directly on cdimage. I think I'll both copy the list of mirrors and
link to the source I copied it from.

>    . option 1 (jigdo) - assuming you get the jigdo templates, i
>      assume this just points at the normal debian mirror list ?

No, the .jigdo files will (eventually) contain the list of mirrors, or
some kind of "#include" statement that points to a download location
of the mirror list. The jigdo download tool will allow the user to
choose a mirror.

The page will mainly contain an explanation of how to use the jigdo

>    . option 2 (http/ftp) - a separate list maintained by cdimage of
>      http/ftp sites ? also, there is no mention of rsync here. a
>      number of "power" users would list that listed.

Well, jigdo can replace PIK+rsync - I hope the "power users" will
notice that. :-) The only inconvenience is that for "upgrading" a CD
image from a previous version, you will have to (loop-)mount it.

I planned to list the rsync servers on the "download with PIK" page
only. Maybe a short note with a link from the http/ftp page to the PIK
page is OK?

>    . option 3 (buy) - a separate list maintained by cdimage ? or is
>      there an existing list of cd retailers being maintained
>      somewhere, which breaks down by country ?

As Alexander wrote, there is. A direct link to that page is probably

>    . you probably want to be a bit less harsh on the PIK description
>      - perhaps "quite complex" rather than "user unfriendly" ;-)

Er, yes, sorry. No offense intended, Anne!
(Changed it to "is more complex to use".)



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