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Re: Update 2.2r3 images via rsync?

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001 flonesaw@longship.net wrote:

> I do not have room for a full Debian mirror, so I do not have the sources for
> the PIK on the local network.  I will have to snag them from another Debian
> mirror over the Net.


> Given that information, I will use rsync to update my 2.2r3 ISOs to 2.2r4?

it's worth a shot.  if you want to try and use rsync from a host other than
debian-cd, they're also available via rsync from



i don't mirror both -1 ISO images - only 1_NONUS.  this is for disk space reasons.

i have only build i386 images - i plan to build/sync the others over the course
of the day.. hmm. i really need to hack PIK to take an argument to create a filename
rather than moving it after creation..

> This is the way to go if I am interpreting the information correctly.  My
> conclusions presume that using PIK will xfer as much as a whole new rsync.  So,
> give rsync a chance to sort things out.

you're right.  PIK will grab essentially 650M and you then need to get a further
20-50M to "clean up" each ISO.

> Any recommendations for block size?

no idea at all.  again, if you can try various different block sizes, it'd be
valuable feedback.

e.g 8192..

i think the default is extremely small, 70 or thereabouts ? (someone will correct
me i'm sure..) which works ok generally but might not be suitable for content
which you hope is made up of large files without changes..



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