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woody alpha cd images and more


Well, I have tested today the new commits from jwest to make de alpha cds
bootable, they kind of work, in fact with a little change I have been able
to end the cd image creation proccess for alpha and I have put them
available for alpha testing, more info on how to download and all necesary
stuff on http:://cdimage-unofficial.debian.net wich is just another name of

Well, the problems I have found when trying to make the alpha cds were this:

- It uses unzip to unpack rawrite, wich it shouldn't, as now debian-cd is in
main. I have contact Raphael Hertzog on this and he told me that this use of
unzip can and must be avoided.

- It uses isomarkboot wich comes on the aboot package wich is only available
for alpha. For people to be able to build alpha cds we need to have at least
this program in other arches, I have been able to compile this program on
sparc, but the package would need a rewrite if we want it to be available on
other arches.

- It runs isomarkboot $CDIMAGE /boot/bootlx $CDROOT/images-1.44/root.bin
and here we come into a double trouble as isomarkboot searches for those two
files on the iso image and bootlx and root.bin are only found on the cd
image on this paths:
and not on 
wich are the places were isomarkboot is told to find them. Note here that
$CDROOT has no sense there as it is the path inside the cd iso image. I
believe that the problem I had was because the files hadn't been copied to
the places where they should have or something like that, maybe this was
because I'm not building the cds on an alpha but on a sparc machine. As a
quick solution I have changed the paths on the script to use the files that
are copied on the cds, don't know if this will work, but it doesn't give any

Well, that was all, I would concentrate first on the errors of the scripts,
the ones that make files not being available. Once this problems are solved
one will be able to create alpha cds again, maybe they are bootable or not,
testers will say ;-)

If any of the info I have put here is not enough or is not understandable
please, don't hesitate to ask me.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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