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burning a debian cd

I burn two cd and no one runs !!
please help me,
my cd burner is on a mac. 
I ve downloaded two times the iso image... 
"binary-i386-1.iso", i ve verified the checksum many times...
am I really crazy ?  ;-)
In the debian.org 's faq they say :
              -?- How do I burn a CD from MacOS? 
              -!- The `Toast' program for MacOS is reported to work fine with .iso
              files. You can be extra-safe by giving it the creator code `CDr3' (or
              `CDr4') and type code `iImg' using e.g. FileTyper. Double-clicking on
              the file will then open up Toast directly, without having to
              drag-and-drop or go via 
              the File-Open menu. 

              And the cdrecord program is available for MacOS X as well.

What am I losing on my way ?


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