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RE: Outdated woody-i386.list file

Hello all,
I was typing up a long, rambling email about P-I-K but I'll
spare you all and just post the conclusions that I came to.

1). I think that the '.list' and ISO's should contain either
a revision number (for Official releases) or a date stamp (for
the testing/unstable 'releases'). This would prevent confusion
as to which version they and what they contain.

2). There are a number of files that not revisioned controlled
(mainly documentation and the 'current' boot disks). At present 
it looks like P-I-K is relying on the rsync severs to ensure the
latest revision. I may be desirable to remove the load on these

3). It would be nice to be able to specify two (or more) sources
for P-I-K so that the minimum of downloading can be done. For example
the ISO for Woody (Dec2000) contains a number of packages which 
have not changed - if I have that CD then I should be able to make
use of it and not have to download them again from a mirror.

4). There seems to me that there is a problem with using 'current'
on the CD's. On the ftp servers this is a sym-link but on the ISO
it appears just to be a duplicate set of data. Can someone please
confirm this?

5). The package mirrors only store the most recent version of the 
packages. This is what is making the generation of a 'outdated' CD
difficult. It may be desirable to have an archive somewhere of all
versions of packages, or maybe just the ones from the most recent
ISO image. 

6). The difficult in creating ISO images can only hinder the testing
of them. This will have a knock on effect to people who have limited
or no internet connection.

The long and short of it all is that I shall grab the raw ISO tonight
to get me going..... but I would like to assist in ensuring that I 
won't have to do it again in the future. Afterall 650MByte is a lot
of data.

Simon W.

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