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Re: JBoss the J2EE application server

On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 05:26:59PM +0200, Tobias Frech wrote:
> Would it be possible for me to customize the debian distribution in
> a way, that after downloading a install disk or burning a install CD
> they only need to go through the installation process and end up
> with a ready-to-run application server machine ?

As Wichert said, no problem! You could add a "J2EE appserver" task
which, if selected during installation, would install the packages
that constitute the application server. All those packages would also
be on the CD ROM.

This means that the CD ROM image which your users/customers will be
downloading would largely contain original Debian stuff, but maybe a
few packages, README files etc added by you.

And here's the good news: With the new CD image distribution scheme
that I'm working on (jigdo), you will not need to put that 650MB image
on your server - instead, my tool will download the Debian packages
from a Debian mirror, your packages (and an additional "template"
file) from your server, and assemble an exact copy of your image from
those pieces!

However, it's still quite beta-ish ATM, don't hold your breath.

</plug> ;-)


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