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JBoss the J2EE application server

I am from the JBoss project located at www.jboss.org. JBoss is a full blown 
J2EE compliant application server. It is open source and distributed under 
the LGPL.

A large protion of our "users" want to setup their own "application server" 
machine. This is why I had the idea of providing them with a ready made 
distribution with the OS, the database (mySQL or postgres ...) , Java2 and 
JBoss ready installed and running after booting.

Would it be possible for me to customize the debian distribution in a way, 
that after downloading a install disk or burning a install CD they only need 
to go through the installation process and end up with a ready-to-run 
application server machine ?

A package like the one described would show the full power of the free 
software movement: WE CAN bundle stuff to simplify and speed up the 
development process for software.

All this are just rough drafts and first thoughts on this topic. I just would 
love to hear from you what you think about it in general and to whom from the 
debian project I should talk to.

Best regards,


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