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Re: Bug#109826: base floppy images on the Debian CD

#include <hallo.h>
Ethan Benson wrote on Fri Aug 24, 2001 um 04:49:19AM:

> for the bazillionth time now, basedebs.tgz is NOT NOT NOT a root
> filesystem.  its a tarball of a bunch of .deb files.  

Exactly. What is the reason for having basedebs.tgz? We cannot have the
tarball INSTEAD of the deb files (or can we?) Who needs basedebs.tgz? We
could put DOS versions of tar and gzip on the CD plus a BATch file, so
people can make their own basedebs.tgz if they want. Puting the same
data in different forms is wastage of disc space.

...mit VIM kein Problem!

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