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Re: Bug#109826: base floppy images on the Debian CD

Le Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 07:03:56PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo écrivait:
> I think split floppy images of base make the most sense.  It seems
> that we all agree on this point.
> Split floppy 1.44k images of base would cover the case where someone
> wants to install on a machine that has only floppy and no CD and no
> network access.
> Debian-CD folks, assume we can set aside a well-known location in the
> woody distribution archive for base images, built using debootstrap
> and splitting into 1.44k sized chunks, would you be willing to add
> this to CD#1 ?  I think we expect that to be around 24MB in total
> space consumed.

Of course I can ... but do you really think someone is going to install
the base system with 16 floppies ? I don't think so. I thought the
whole point of the base system tarball was for people who wanted to setup
rapidly a nfsroot. Splitting it is pointless for them.

BTW, the complete disks-i386/current directory is always automatically
included on CD1 so I have no modifications to do to close this bug.

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