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On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, cye ;landy wrote:

> Can you download and burn ISO files?


> I am NEW to this! 

that's ok - we were all new to this once.

> What software should I get to do this?

it depends on what operating system you run.

if you already have linux installed, you could use mkisofs or

if you have a windows system, you could use Nero, adaptec EZ-CD creator
or a number of others.

> How do I proceed to make them executable?

the iso image you want to boot from is already "executable"

> Thanks Can you e-mail a program?

i'm sure one can, but if you mean, can someone send you a cd burning
program via email, the answer would be no.  have a look at your
favourite shareware site to see if you can download one online, or
purchase one from your closest computer store.



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