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Re: New apt supports secured CD images

Le Mon, Aug 20, 2001 at 11:34:31PM +0200, Richard Atterer écrivait:
> IIRC, the secured stuff was turned off because the *old* (potato) apt
> couldn't handle it - correct? (The flamewar at the time covered a wide
> range of topics, I may have missed something...;-) But people should
> be able to upgrade directly from potato to woody!

Yes, that's why i'll probably only enable it for woody+1 ... but it's good
that woody's apt doesn't have that problem so we won't be in the same
situation in woody+1.

> A while ago, there was a proposal by Santiago Garcia Mantinan (also
> archived with #97364) to kludge around the problem with the old apt by
> putting the secured directory onto the CD, deeply nested in other
> dirs. There was no reply to this on the list - would it make sense to
> change debian-cd to do this?

Jason never replied to this, so I don't know if he likes it or not. I
don't like it much either, because it's really a crude hack. :)

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