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Re: NONUS vs. without NONUS

Robert Guthrie <rguthrie@pobox.com> writes:

> I have been under the impression that the _NONUS part of the debian 
> archives is for programs that you can't export from the US, mostly due to 
> laws governing encryption.  Currently you can do so under certain 
> restrictions, but it's possible that the legistation will reverse that and 
> we'll be back to not allowing the exports of strong encryption software.
> So, all that stuff is only IMPORT-able to the US, which has always been 
> legal (from a US-centric perspective... other countries might enact 
> encryption export laws).  

There not only those crypto export restrictions, but maybe also patent
restrictions for use within the US (and maybe elsewhere). Anyway, just
download it and use it ...

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