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Re: NONUS vs. without NONUS

On Tuesday 31 July 2001 04:58 pm, jason andrade wrote:
> On Tue, 31 Jul 2001 Dennis_Schnee@bausa.com wrote:
> > The question "What's the difference between Binary-1 and
> > Binary-1_NONUS?" has some contradictory information in the answer.  I
> > am a US resident.  I want to put Debian Linux on my computer.  This
> > machine and it's software is in the US and will be used in the US
> > only.  Which file should I get?  Thanks for your timely response.
> from a legal point of view, you would want to get the binary_1 iso
> image.
> i suppose you could download and use the _NONUS version, but then any
> legal implications are your own problem..
> -jason

I have been under the impression that the _NONUS part of the debian 
archives is for programs that you can't export from the US, mostly due to 
laws governing encryption.  Currently you can do so under certain 
restrictions, but it's possible that the legistation will reverse that and 
we'll be back to not allowing the exports of strong encryption software.

So, all that stuff is only IMPORT-able to the US, which has always been 
legal (from a US-centric perspective... other countries might enact 
encryption export laws).  

So, you can download the non-US image to the US, burn it and install it.  
You just can't mirror it (anyone in the world could download it...) or 
otherwise ship it outside the borders of the United states.

Am I wrong about this?

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