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Alpha boot floppies for CD + ISOs status


I know that the alpha BF are not on woody yet because of sizes problems I
was wondering if you could produce all bf but the 1.44, as this are not
needed for CDs (we use 2.88 rescue+root bf), this way I could start building
cds for alpha also, along with the other archs that have woody bf right now.

If you think this is not practical and that it is better to wait, it's ok
with me, this was just a sugestion, so that people could start to test woody
installation on alphas.

Well, I think that's all, I hope that by the beginning of the next week I'll
have the debian-cd image creation proccess set up for all archs, it is
working already and I have permision, I only have to put it in the cron and
set up a small web page with notes.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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