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Contrib and non-free packages in Official CDs

A little question. I use Debian (and as little as I can) I support its use
mostly because it use only Free Software (free in terms as freedom).

Is possible to move the "contrib" section in the latest CD and remove the
"empty" directory non-free from the CDs?

I've looked the 1st CD from ftp.fsn.hu, there is:
- netscape and realplayer, that require the download of binary-only
  software and can do anything without it, they can be moved in the
  CD 5, and someone can not download it if he want to use only free sw;
- dosemu, require only non-free compilers, but is free software, is
  usable, and may be compiled with free compilers when they will be released
  (this can appen, when I don't know), and if the CD 5 is full it can be
  put in CD 4.



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