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Re: woody ISOs for non-i386?

> Some VMEs might boot from CD, no idea if that was
> ever tested.

The BVME6000 will boot from CD, that's why we build the 2.88 combined
rescue and root image for the BVME6000 it's the CD El Torito bootfile.
The last time I checked if it was working was with the 2.2r2 CD image.
Unfortunately this may be the last image I will be able to check, I've
just been made redundant from BVM so my net access is down to a 56K modem,
and now have a little less enthusiasm for supporting the BVME6000.
However as my BVME6000 is the fastest 68K machine I have I will keep the
port going as long as I have time in my new job (assuming I find one
that is, any offers?).


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