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Re: Help with Debian GNU/Linux Installation

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Narasimhamurthy Giridhar wrote:

> Hi 
> I am trying to install Debian GNU/Linux on my PC. I have a few ?s.
> 1. Can I burn the kernel images, loadlin.exe, the driver files(.bin) and
> the base system files(.tgz) directly and use it for installation. OR shuld
> I burn it in some particular format like ISO and then use it??? I have
> access to a CD writer on Windows only. The software is DirectCD. How do I
> create an installation CD from this??
> 2. Do I need the DOS Installer Batch files for CD ROM installation. If so
> why??

i don't really think you want to re-invent the wheel again in terms of
producing a debian ISO image.

you basically have a few different ways to install debian - you will want to
read the documentation a bit more, or otherwise look at the LinuxDoc project
(www.linuxdoc.org - pick your closest mirror)

the short answer is:

you can install debian via the network - download the boot images, write
to them to a floppy and boot from them.  then do your installation via
http or ftp from your closest debian archive (mirror, or otherwise)

you can install debian via a pre-built ISO image.  the latest stable
release (potato - 2.2.r4) is available a number of different methods.

go to http://cdimage.debian.org and use their system to figure out how to
create or obtain a cd image.

there are a number of sites out there which also directly make cd images
available - our local mirror is http://planetmirror.com/pub/debian-cd/

once you have the 3 ISO images, burn them and then boot from them assuming
your hardware supports bootable installation.


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