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problem with rsync

Hello everyone,
    I've spent about 5 hours trying to rysnc the cd-images for debian linux 2.2r3.
I have the binary-i386-1.iso file but I CANNOT rysnc with ANY of the ftp rsync mirror sites given in the psuedo-image readme.txt. Well, techincally I can but I never get the right amount of sum and I don't get the images that are needed for installation.
    There is a message that always pops up regarding which ftp site I use. It tells me two things:
1. rsync is modified
2. I can only get one file at a time.
I'm doing this through Windows OS since I don't have my Red Hat connected to a good internet service provider. So... hence the reason for me to burn the cds so that I can install debian linux.
Here is the command I use: (within the pseudo-image directory)
c:>rsync -rvn  ip.address
Yes, I have the double colons with the correct directory. I never get the full cd-image and I am pretty close to giving up.
I believe this is the last step before the burning process. Can someone please help? I really like to finish what I started. Thanks in advance.


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