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Re: official 2.2_rev3 CDs available


> > BTW, wouldn't be wiser to figure out a layout which is compatible with the
> > "rsync way" of mirroring?
> Not really, rsyncing individual files can't notice packages that moved
> from one CD image to another.
Yes, that's true, but for the rev2->rev3 switch I think rsync could be

Number of files: 9
Number of files transferred: 10
Total file size: 2615035906 bytes
Total transferred file size: 3293075458 bytes
Literal data: 1280106352 bytes
Matched data: 2012969106 bytes
File list size: 182
Total bytes written: 1777859
Total bytes read: 1280759172

wrote 1777859 bytes  read 1280759172 bytes  254800.24 bytes/sec
total size is 2615035906  speedup is 2.04

I think this is far more better than FTP.

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