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>I noticed on the Debian site there's a kit available to (apparently) roll
>your own CD images by using rdist to maintain local copies, which you can
>then use to lay out both a cd install image and network archive from which
>you can do a network install and incremental package update.

>What I'm after is a Linux with a 2.2 kernel that we can seemlessly maintain
>and keep current with respect to security patches and other cricial updates.
>One we can also burn updated CD images from directly which has all of the
>updates since release already in it - for both update and installation

Another admin sent me this email today  - what I want to know is, is this 
possible? Can someone point me to a URL that would help me with setting a 
situation like this up? Or a URL which details making customised debian CD's?

kind regards,


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