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Dear Debian CD Image Guy/Gal:

On http://cdimage.debian.org/ is the following:

"NOTE: if CD images are NOT in a 2.2_rev2 directory, they are NOT the
latest Official Potato images!"

I'm looking for the potato CD images and the above line is telling me
that potato, 2.2 rev 3, should be located in the 2.2 rev 2 directory.
Since I would not typically expect to see a 2.2 rev 3 listing in a 2.2
rev 2 directory, I looked in several 2.2 rev 2 directories because of
the above statement and noticed the files were dated December 2000. Due
to the date, I do not believe these files to be potato and believe
someone made a typo on http://cdimage.debian.org/.

To confirm the typo, the "NOT"s in the above line cancel each other out
which would be equivalent to:
"NOTE: if CD images are in a 2.2_rev2 directory, they are the latest
Official Potato images!"

If you agree about the typo, please update the web page. Thank you.

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