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Re: Bug#93612: Support for new archive structure

Le Sun, Apr 15, 2001 at 12:18:26AM -0600, Jason Gunthorpe écrivait:
>   1) Make the empty file dists/woody/aptignr 
>      - This tells apt-cdrom that the CD is foobar'd below this directory
>        and it should just ignore it.

Does this feature already exist ? If not, please consider calling it
".aptignr" instead.

>   2) In dists/woody-secured/
>        put Release, Release.gpg

Already ok.

> and files.list (.gz ?)

I have troubles understanding why you need that file.

>   3) In dists/woody-secured/.. put the normal package files.


> [If you forget step #1 new apt-cdrom will likely refuse to use the disc
>  without some serious prodding..]


> The format of files.list should be 1 line per file listing the entire
> contents of the CD relative to its 'root' (the same place Filename:
> fields are relative to) this should include all .debs, source items, boot
> floppies, etc. Everything referenced directly, or indirectly from the 
> Release file. Just file names.

Do you need that file for performance issue ? Because you could figure out
yourself what's available and what's not. BTW, all the files on the CD are
aleady listed in /md5sum.txt. Maybe you could use that file, or did you
create that file so that it can also be used for other methods than the
cdrom one ?

BTW md5sum.txt will also list documentation files and so on that may not be
referenced from the Release file.

> APT in 'partial' mode will fetch and use the files.list file to figure out
> what to ignore, etc. Compress if you want to be able to mount CDs and use
> them over HTTP. 

What is that partial mode, is that only for partial mirror like single CD
with secured setup ? Why isn't it the standard mode ? ie will there be an
option to apt-get to switch from one mode to the other ? I wouldn't like
that. If apt-get detects it automatically by checking the presence of such
a file then it's ok.

> A further refinement would be to use the files.list file to fingerprint
> the CD and pre-load the file listings from all CD's in the related set.

That's not so nice. One of the big feature from apt-cdrom is that it works
well with incomplete CD set and even several CD set from different
sources. Relying on this would break that.

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