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RE: yet another debian-mirror script

Quoting Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shaleh@valinux.com>:
> > For my own needs, I have written a debian mirroring script. Its main
> features
> > overs all other scripts I have seen is that it use ftp instead of
> rsync.
> > 
> how does this compare to say fmirror (ftp based mirror)? 

I don't know :)

Seriously, it does not perform a raw mirror of the debian archive. I have
written it to mirror the i386 binaries of woody in order to produce the
related CDs. Mirroring is customizable, you can decide wich arches for
which distributions you want to download. Currently it does not support
mirroring of sources, as I don't need them, but it should be only a matter
of 5/10 lines to add in the script...

There is nothing magic:
- all misc stuff (all archive except dists/ and pool/) is mirrored
- Release, Packages.gz, ... for wanted architectures are downloaded
- boot disks for wanted architectures are mirrored.
- From Packages file a list or files to including in distribution is build
- old local files are removed
- new files are retrieved
- empty dirs are removed
- now, you can launch debian-cd..


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