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New mirror site mirror.csit.fsu.edu


There is a new debian-cd (and debian for that matter, not that it concerns this list) mirror site available on mirror.csit.fsu.edu. It is under the pub/debian-cd/ directory via http and ftp, and under debian-cd/ via rsync. The machine is currently a dual 400Mhz P2 box with 256meg memory, a 9-gig scsi system disk, and 2 120-gig disk arrays. It is located in CSIT (www.csit.fsu.edu) at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL, and is being operated by Daniel Whelan (merlin@ophelan.com). It is connected via a 45Mbit UUnet link, a 15Mbit Sprint link, a 10Mbit backup Sprint link, and a 155Mbit Internet2 (Abilene) link. If you have any questions, please contact me (I'm not on this list).


# Daniel Whelan          Sysadmin, FSU   -   http://www.csit.fsu.edu
# merlin@ophelan.com     Computational Science & Information Technology
# 850.339.2491  442 DSL  "Life's not fair, but the root password helps."

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