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Re: Many zero-byte files

On Tue, Jan 23, 2001 at 05:04:29PM -0500, jmstuckman@weirdness.com wrote:
> I got the Debian 2.2r2 i386 ISO images then burned them on to
> CD'S. The MD5 checksums for the images were correct. The problem is,
> all of my CD's have many zero-byte files! The files are files that
> should have packages in them (they're .DEB files), but they
> don't. On CD 1, some HTML doc files are zero-byte, so the problem
> isn't limited to .DEB's. I thought it was my burner so I swichted to
> another computer, but that didn't work. I have a program called
> winimage that will extract files out of an ISO image. Winimage shows
> the files to be zero-byte too. Anybody else have this problem?

[ Please use a proper mail program that wraps your lines sensibly... ]

They're not zero-byte files, they're symbolic links. If you use a real
OS that understands Rock Ridge format on CD and supports sym-links
then you'll see them just fine. All the files you need are on the CD,
the sym-links are added just to make the layout more friendly in some


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