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Re: md5sum for FreeBSD

Steve McIntyre wrote:
>  Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> There is source for md5sum in the dpkg sourcetree.
>  Try md5 on a FreeBSD system.

Thank you all for all replies! May I conclude (correct me
if I am wrong) that:

* md5sum is a gnu extended implementation of RSA's 
  md5 (RFC-1321).

* the sourcecode is available on my own local mirror
  which is currently dpkg_1.6.15.tar.gz

* my pseudo 4 * 650 Mbytes CD-ROM images are OK :-)
Script started on Thu Jan 11 07:25:43 2001
bash-2.04$ grep iso MD*
a9f59c47c8e9992e79238ce9d6f79fab  binary-i386-1.iso
d1d1192b816f554cfded7c4af999b6f1  binary-i386-1_NONUS.iso
d9994007002b985b70751bf85e262e10  binary-i386-2.iso
0e173b64cd5497e63ac33ef99f8cc727  binary-i386-3.iso
bash-2.04$ md5 *.iso
MD5 (binary-i386-1.iso) = a9f59c47c8e9992e79238ce9d6f79fab
MD5 (binary-i386-1_NONUS.iso) = d1d1192b816f554cfded7c4af999b6f1
MD5 (binary-i386-2.iso) = d9994007002b985b70751bf85e262e10
MD5 (binary-i386-3.iso) = 0e173b64cd5497e63ac33ef99f8cc727
bash-2.04$ exit
Script done on Thu Jan 11 07:31:42 2001


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