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Re: Potato and Woody CD builds

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001 paulwade@greenbush.com wrote:

> What if we do something like this:
> dpkg-scanpackages ..... > Packages
> dpkg-scanpackages ...... >> Packages
> in order to get the stuff from different areas of pool and dists into a
> Packages file?

Actually, that was my initial thought too. But that requires quite precise
knowledge of places to scan. And since we're doing workarounds anyway, one big
Packages file is the easiest thing to do, and requires no specific knowledge
at all. Both dpkg-scanpackages and apt-cdrom handle this fine. Remember this
is only a temporary workaround, so don't bother about it too much. (And
preferably don't write complex code that can break at many places ;-)

> BTW - My idea is to replace the Packages, Packages.cd and Packages.cd
> files since they do not currently reference all the deb files installed on
> the cd rather than create a single large one.

When apt-cdrom sees a Packages(.gz) in some directory, it won't scan
directories below that. So if there is one big Packages in the CD's root,
the "too-few" Packages files won't be seen at all (and even if they're seen,
apt is smart enough to combine them nicely). And I don't care about the
Packages.cd(.gz), people should have converted to apt-cdrom by now.

  Anne Bezemer

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