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Re: mkisofs

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, Robert Waldner wrote:

> >> The ISO image read of the CD is probably a sector or two
> >> too long. If you know the correct size then you can just do
> I would think that the image created with dd is a few bytes (less than 
> a sector) too small, because dd reads until it runs out of useful data, 
> but the cd consists of 2k-sectors, the last one is padded with zeroes 
> until it´s full. At least that´s what the "-pad"-option in cdrecord is 
> for...

Not entirely. -pad for _audio_ tracks adds 0's to get a full last 2352-byte
block (which is required by standards). 

-pad for _data_ tracks always adds 30kB of 0's to make it compatible with
buggy early 2.0 (IIRC) Linuxes and some other *UXes. Data tracks are always
2048-multiples, and if not then that's a serious bug in mkisofs (or equiv). 

  Anne Bezemer

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