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Re: Checking ISO images

On Sun, 17 Dec 2000, Michael Sobolev wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 17, 2000 at 10:31:58AM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> > On Sun, Dec 17, 2000 at 04:48:24PM +0300, Michael Sobolev wrote:
> > > This may be a wrong place to ask, but who knows? :)
> > > 
> > > I've got an ISO image and am not sure if it's ok.  Is there any iso9660 (with
> > > extensions) file system checker?  I tried to look for it on web, but failed...
> > 
> > mount -o loop foo.iso /mnt
> > 
> > IOW, you can mount ISO file images just as if they were real CDROM's.
> Hmm...  It just does not work for me. :(  I have a CD-ROM.  I can easily get an
> image of the disk using either dd or readcd programs.  When the resulting image
> gets mounted, OS does not give any error message or anything.  But when I try
> to read files from it, it give `read error'.
> Is there any tool like fsck.iso9660?

ISOINFO(8)                                             ISOINFO(8)

       devdump,  isoinfo,  isovfy, isodump - Utility programs for
       dumping and verifying iso9660 images.
       isovfy is a utility to verify the integrity of an  iso9660
       image.  Most  of the tests in isovfy were added after bugs
       were discovered in early versions of  mkisofs.   It  isn't
       all  that clear how useful this is anymore, but it doesn't
       hurt to have this around.

These things are in the `mkisofs' package.

  Anne Bezemer

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