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mirror admins.. why you want to use make-pseudo-image..


i just thought i'd mention it.. since i'm finally using it.

the make pseudo kit is brilliant.. now that i'm running it on
a Linux based system.  i've had all sorts of problems with it
under solaris 2.6 and eventually gave up, but i've tried it
again under redhat linux and it's *extremely* fast.  it's
a little bit more work (get .list files, create pseudo, move
pseudo into "right" name, create next pseudo, eventually rsync
all against cdimage.debian), but i did some comparisons..

it's much more efficient if you have a full debian mirror locally,
to create local ISO images and then rsync against the `official'
or `test' images at cdimage, than it is to try and use 2.2_r0 or
rev0A cdimages as the same base to rsync against.

the amount downloaded drops from 50-200M per ISO, to 5-50M per ISO.

for the mirror admins out there who have the time, i heartily recommend
trying the pseudo kit to produce your initial 2.2r2 ISO images.

i would still say that for the majority of users i've talked to, they
would prefer to just get access to ISO images.  most won't bother with
using make-pseudo-image to create their ISO because it *is* a bit more
complicated and it involves normally two steps.   IMHO power users and
mirror admins are the ones this should be promoted to and there should
still be a more direct ISO image site listing for end users.

thanks again J.A and Phil!



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