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Re: 2.2.2 test images

On 11 Dec 2000, Philip Hands wrote:

> I hard link them from the potato_test area to the versioned area.

hmm. i assume you'll be changing the names ?  i.e the hard links
will be called binary-i386-1-NONUS.iso instead of the .raw stuff
that's there now ?

> What this means is that if you use the -H option to rsync, and mirror
> both the versioned and the potato_test directories, you won't use any
> more disk space, and rsync will stick the links in for you.

i do.. but i don't mirror the entire cdimage.debian.org area.. since once
images are produced they hardly change.. and if they are updated/changed
i'd hope (and you seem to..) to get an email about changes.

> If you are starting from 2.2_r0 images, you want to make sure that the
> potato_test images exist before you start on this, so that you
> actually get to take advantage of the rsync speedup.

aye.. i'm actually using my 2.2 r0 images to `seed' mirroring the 2.2r2
images.  i don't intend to keep the 2.2 r0 images.. does anyone ? and
i plan to just replace them all.

i'm assuming this is going to get rid of the 2.2_rev0 / 2.2 / 2.2_rev0CDA
business that was going on.. and all the architectures will now just be
released as 2.2r2.

> Note that the file extensions are .raw under the potato_test area.
aye.. i saw that. 

> I hope that makes sense -- I should probably write that up as a
> debian-cd mirroring HOWTO or some such.

nah.. i know how it works but had forgotten about the transition period.

when will you consider the images all `release' ?



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